Is it time to change my tires?

There are many ways to check your tires to see if they are low on tread.  We’ll tell you how to know whether tires should be replaced immediately or if you still have life left in your current set. A tire with ⅛ (4/32) or more tread left then it is in good shape, 3/32 tread left means you should replace them soon, and 2/32 or less tread left then you need to replace them immediately beforethey can you to lose traction, which can lead to an accident. It takes about 4,000 miles to go down a tread which means if you have 8/32 tread then about 4,000 miles later you should have about 7/32 tread left on the tires. This is what 2/32 and 4/32 tread look like:quartertestpennytest

When checking for tread depth get a penny and face it upside down as in the picture shown above where Abraham Lincoln’s head is faced down. If you are able to see Lincoln’s head then you need to get your tires replaced as soon as possible. Another example would be when you are using a quarter as shown in the picture above. Face the quarter to where George Washington’s head is upside down and if the tread touches his head, this indicates you have 4/32 tread and are in good shape.
Another way to check tread depth would be to look at the tread wear indicator bar that is modeled into your tires. treadwear

When the indicator bar is clearly visible and above the side bars then that means you have less then 2/32 tread left and should get your tires replaced immediately.


When having less than 4/32 tread left you will be taking risks driving in the rain and snow. Traction will decrease from your tires, which can essentially cause your vehicle to  hydroplane in the rain, slide in the snow if there is sleet, and putting your life at risk when going at high speeds on the highway. In some states your tires are legally worn out after your tires have reached 2/32 tread. Take precautions early by checking your tire tread depth, and save yourself from any disasters by getting your tires replaced if necessary.


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