Why is it so important to get my wheels and tires balanced?

If you are looking around inside Flatland Custom Accessories, you may notice a large red machine that has a space for a tire on the side and a computer monitor in front.  This is the wheel balance machine and this article will tell you why it is so important to get your wheels balanced.  Some of our tire manufacturers like Goodyear recommend that you balance your wheels and tires every 3000 – 6000 miles.  If you keep your vehicle on a regular maintenance schedule for oil changes recommended every 3000 – 5000 miles, it makes it easy to rotate and balance wheels and tires at the same time.

When the wheels are not balanced on your vehicle, you may find yourself asking a few common questions:

“Why is my steering wheel rattling and shaking?”

When your wheels and tires are out of balance, driving at high speeds can cause friction and vibration.  This may start as increased road noise, then lead to shaking and rattling of the steering column.  This disturbs the steering wheel and indicates the wheels are overdue for a balance.  Ideally you can balance tires before any perceptible changes in performance.  By servicing your vehicles wheels ahead of schedule, you will preserve the life of your tires, get better fuel economy and prolong the overall life of your vehicle.

“Why is my fuel economy getting fewer miles per gallon?

Tire pressure is often associated with poor fuel economy.  While deflating your tires can increase traction, suboptimal inflation can decrease your miles per gallon.  Another cause of lost fuel efficiency has to do with your tire and wheel balance.  If your vehicle experiences any vibration due to unbalanced wheels, the driver will eventually feel a rattling sensation.  Balancing will improve the life of your tires, wheels, and entire chassis as the vibrations are often felt throughout the seats and floorboards.

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  1. I didn’t realize that driving at high speeds with your wheels out of balance could cause vibration in your vehicle. I feel like my wife might have mentioned something like that happening with her car earlier this week. Maybe it’s time to have her tires balanced.

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