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Here at The Flatlands in Levelland we have two shops to serve your vehicle needs, Flatlands Custom Accessories & Flatlands Diesel. Our custom accessories shop will take your needs and vision to a reality with our knowledgeable and professional installers. We provide a level of service that will leave you with confidence in your new custom vehicle. See the list of what we can provide for you below.

Ball Hitches

Ball hitches are used in a variety of ways that require proper installation. Our craftsmanship insures that your trailer hitch will last the lifetime of your vehicle.

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Bed Covers

Bed covers provide security and style to your truck. We carry all the best brands that offer quality and durability.

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Bed Liners

Keep your truck’s bed looking clean and reduce the appearance of unwanted scratches, breaks, or spills.

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Bumper/Grill Guards

Bumpers with grill guards can provide protection and improve aesthetics to your vehicle. There are several different finishes to accommodate your style.

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Fender Flares

Fender Flares protect your car from unwanted debris coming from your tires and provide a rugged look for your vehicle.

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Floor Mats

These mats keep your interior clean and are custom tailored to your vehicle using lasers for the perfect three-dimensional fit.

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Fuel Tanks

Our Fuel Tanks are made to the highest standards and allow you go further than before.

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Lift Kits

Lift kits allow owners to accommodate larger tires on their vehicles and participate in off road activities.

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We can custom install LED light kits to accommodate any owners needs as they can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle.

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With the right programmers owners can increase their horsepower, torque, and even increase their fuel efficiency.

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Shocks & Struts

When you replace your factory shocks and struts with our performance gear you can improve the quality of the ride in your vehicle.

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Seat Savers

Seat Savers are there to protect your upholstery from any harmful damage and can offer extra back support.

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There are several options when it comes to getting side steps installed for passenger doors or the rear truck bed to improve access.

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Tool Boxes

Protect your valuable equipment by getting a custom tool box installed. There is a wide selection available to fit your needs.

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Getting a custom winch installed in your vehicle has endless uses that include freeing stuck vehicles or simply pulling them.

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